What We Do

Culture – The sum of attitudes, customs, and beliefs that distinguishes one group of people from another.

Smiley Renovations has been doing Design/Build projects for over two decades. So have a lot of other companies. You want to know what makes Smiley Renovations different and unique? Who is Smiley Renovations and why should you choose us? Over these two plus past decades we have made a study of every aspect of the Design/Build business process. During this time we continually tweaked our business processes. While changing and improving along the way we also reached one very important understanding which we believe has become our greatest accomplishment.

By creating a culture of people who all hold and appreciate the core company values, we have created a successful and consistent client experience.

We truly believe that being an outstanding Design/ Build company means providing quality designs with true craftsmanship, while placing the clients satisfaction above all else. We have created a company culture, and achieve this goal with people who live these values. That is the difference we provide to our clients.

We are different, and we invite you to witness our culture. After working with Smiley Renovations you will never need another renovation company.