Winter 2019


Smiley Renovations won three Contractor of the Year (CotY) Awards from the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) Metro DC in the following categories for 2018-2019:
  • CotY Grand Award Winner Residential Addition under $100,000
  • CotY Grand Award Winner Residential Bath $25,000 to $50,000
  • CotY Finalist Award Winner Residential Interior over $150,000
The photos featured above are from our Residential Interior over $150,000. This project was a total first floor renovation, including demolition of the kitchen, along with several other rooms, and numerous load-bearing walls.

After multiple prior renovations the first floor of the home was very choppy with small rooms that did not flow well. The client wanted a large open floor plan, and an open kitchen with island seating, that would connect well with the other main living spaces on the first floor. In addition, they desired a new screened–in porch that would have a convenient location close to their kitchen. To create better traffic flow we demolished, or altered, almost all interior walls on the first floor, along with bearing point, steel beams, duct work, plumbing, and radiator pipes. The result achieved exactly what our client asked for, an open floor plan design that created spacious, informal interiors connecting common areas! You can see more images of this transformation, and others, online at


Remodeling to Bring Nature into Your Everyday Life

One new design trend has a deeper meaning and impact than many trends, ensuring its staying power. More designers and homeowners are “bringing the outdoors in.” Most people spend an excessive amount of time indoors. Many indoor environments have artificial light and recirculated air. In his article “What Is and Is Not Biophilic Design?”1 Stephen R. Kellert states that “We are just beginning to find that these environmentally impoverished habitats foster fatigue, symptoms of disease, and impaired performance.” Large windows, glass walls, skylights, innercourtyards, and elaborate outdoor living spaces are just some of the solutions designers have incorporated into more and more home remodeling and building projects.

When we are in nature, temperature and light often shift, whereas indoors the lighting and temperature remain fairly constant. Abundant natural light, fresh air, and variables in both of these elements are healthy additions to your home. Living walls turn plant life into art pieces and filter the air, adding a biophilic touch. Fountains or indoor water features can replace having a view of water and also produce a nice auditory stimulus. Biophilic design maximizes all the senses, from the sounds of birdsong to the breezes from an open window.

When remodeling your home, incorporate glass walls, large windows, skylights, and even glass blocking. Consider transitional spaces, like the glass wall going onto a deck or outdoor living area. Having quality outdoor furnishings, and several potted plants indoors near the transitional space, pulls the two areas together. Seamless flow of the design from inside to the outside helps to blur the line between you and your natural environment. Bringing the outdoors in is not just a trend for beauty, but for peace of mind.